New Game Releasing Soon!

Hi there! What’s up at kissappgames? Summertime, kids going back to school, mosquito bites, hot temps and pool parties.

We have a new game coming out, and it’s a doosie.


Bad Boyfriends is still going strong, Bad Girlfriends, not so much. On the fence about BGF, we may pull it. Somehow when it comes to women this kind of thing just isn’t funny.

Also so proud of our friends Rocket5Studios, for winning Casual Connect Indie Prize.

Indie Game Development reminds me of the movie “Chef”. “Chef” makes working in a food truck look like a huge adventure, when it really is very very hard work.

Women in Games: Underdogs

This video is hilarious and sums up what it’s like to be a minority in the games industry. So funny, but also clear that many people feel like an outsider.

In other news, we’re looking at rebranding/renaming GC (as I like to call Glass Ceiling) as it hasn’t had the same kind of organic success as Bad Boyfriends. It will be interesting to see if a slight repositioning will make a difference.

Also interested in finding a designer who would like to take on a new kind of game in a redux of Bad Boyfriends. Feel free to ping me if interested.

Working on a new trailer for GC, and new update to come by June.