Women in Games: Underdogs

Posted May 7th, 2014 in Blog by admin

This video is hilarious and sums up what it’s like to be a minority in the games industry. So funny, but also clear that many people feel like an outsider.

In other news, we’re looking at rebranding/renaming GC (as I like to call Glass Ceiling) as it hasn’t had the same kind of organic success as Bad Boyfriends. It will be interesting to see if a slight repositioning will make a difference.

Also interested in finding a designer who would like to take on a new kind of game in a redux of Bad Boyfriends. Feel free to ping me if interested.

Working on a new trailer for GC, and new update to come by June.

Did you know January is the month that has the most break-ups?

Posted January 23rd, 2014 in Blog by admin

broken heart

It must be true cause they said it on the radio. I know, kind of a surprise.

So where the heck have we been? Working, mostly. We all have day jobs. We now have 2 apps, with both free and paid versions. 80,000+ downloads. Most of those for Bad Boyfriends. Are we rich? Hardly, with our biz model we make about .01 % of downloads. You do the math.

However, we are still giving our all to generate income, we haven’t forgotten our backrs – MJ I’m talking about you. Plans for 2014: Better ad monetization partnerships. New app coming out in February, if the Apple gods allow. And working to improve performance on GC.

What have we learned? More women have bad boyfriends than career crisises. Go figure.

I’m going to do a new trailer for GC to help promote it, and I struggled with how to tell the Glass Ceiling story. We’re not actually she-women, man haters. One of us is a man. Another has two sons. And I’ve been married to a wonderful guy, for like forever. Additionally I have had incredible male mentors.

But I think I figured it out. Because let’s face it there are still sisters in other countries fighting against being made to feel less than. Thanks to a friend who works in one of those countries I found the inspiration to tell that story.

So happy new year, gives us a shout out anytime. Thanks for your support. Our games are goofy and light hearted. They may not be the most perfect, but our intentions are heartfelt.


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