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Our Team:
Wendy Johnson Carmical, Creative/Developer
Wendy has been involved with publishing hundreds of books, toys, online games and PC games generating millions for their respective publishers.   She is a creative manager with experience in the game and entertainment product industry. Her background includes working on Myst, Prince of Persia and the Carmen Sandiego series. She provided Art and Production direction for Purplemoon, the first company to make games for girls. She designed and produced a game for Disney Fellow: Alan Kay and his research team. This game was shown in Epcot Center. In addition she has worked for a book/toy publisher and was responsible for the production of a wide variety of books and toys, including Hannah Montana’s Backstage Pass, and the Uncover Series, which has sold 4.5 million copies worldwide. Trained in classical animation, with expert level computer graphic skills, she is a creative with a solid business sense. wendy@kissappgames.com

Maura Sparks, Business/Developer
Maura has been a key member in several start-ups. She recently co-founded, KissAppGames, a casual game company for mobile and the web. She anticipates building a franchise around their characters to expand the brand beyond games. At Broadband Mechanics, a white label social networking software company, she developed social networks and media for corporate clients, such as: Sacramento Kings, Bell Canada, RadioOne, United States Army, and PaidContent. She co-founded an interactive entertainment company, Pop Rocket, which she grew from first sketch to achieving worldwide recognition. As part of the core development team, she created graphics, video, and animation for their award-winning music video adventure game. She also managed the operations and worked closely with all departments to implement company vision and strategy. A veteran of the multimedia industry, she has been involved with producing and marketing pioneering software, such as: Swivel 3D, Modelshop, Spaceship Warlock, Total Distortion and PeopleAggregator. maura@kissappgames.com

Andy Green, Technology Lead
Andy has been developing software for thirty years. He started as a teenager in the eighties writing games for Commodore 64 and Sinclair Spectrum before moving on to work with the BBC’s Interactive Television Unit on the revolutionary MacroMedia MediaMaker. In the mid-90s he helped light a fire under the telecommunication industry by writing and publishing NetPhone, the world’s first low bandwidth VOIP application. Subsequently he was the lead developer and system architect for Learning in Motion’s Knowledge Forum, an early implementation of NoSQL database technology. Initially Andy was drawn to the alluring and seductive HTML5, but now wallows in the mundane but reliable and performant comforts of C++ and OpenGL.