Kissappgames makes unusual games for everyone. Our signature game is Glass Ceiling, available on the App Store.

Glass Ceiling is the ultimate female revenge fantasy. In Glass Ceiling, our hero Moxie fights her way up the corporate ladder—literally. By battling fresh men, backstabbing co-workers, asinine accountants, bad bosses and other office stereotypes. Glass Ceiling is an action adventure side scrolling platform—kick ‘em up game—with increasing levels of difficulty.

Each level represents a floor in a corporate skyscraper. Our hero starts out in the lobby and works her way up the corporate ladder. Each floor of the building is filled with power-ups, treasures, and tough boss battles. The player encounters multiple foes on their way to the top. Once the final level is reached the player will have the “ultimate” encounter and discover what lies on the other side of the Glass Ceiling.